Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Table Scan Vs Index Scan in SQL Server

Today i would like to clarify the difference between the Index Scan and Table Scan.

A table scan, table is processed row by row from start to end. In the index scan, index is processed row by row from start to end.

If the index is a clustered index then an index scan is really a table scan.

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Ritesh Shah said...

This is really good topic to dig in.

Vijaya Kadiyala said...

Hi Ritesh
Yes, It is very big topic to discuss. In the next post i would like to put some articles related to this.
Could you please share your articles if you have any thing on Index Scan, Table Scan and Index Seek.

Ritesh Shah said...

Hi Vijaya, I was also thinking to write few stuffs about this topic. let me have something than will definitely share it here.