Saturday, March 7, 2009

My MVP Summit 2009 Experience: DAY 1 Part 3

On the same day i met some more people from various technology domains.

I am fortunate to meet Limno from WWW.ASP.NET. He is one of the top and best contributor in this forum and is now part of Hall-Of-Fame. He told me a few tips in ASP.Net and in SQL Server. He also shared his experiences of his journey of becoming MVP. He is really nice. I am really looking forward to meet him once again in the next MVP summit.

Standing from Left to Right: Pinal, Limno and Vijaya Kadiyala

We had long party at the Convention center and its time to go back to hotel and take some rest and get up for the next BIG thing i.e. Microsoft Campus Redmond. Wow.. isn't it great to say I am going to visit Microsoft Campus!!!

On the way back to hotel, I heard that there is open forum discussion from the people who are behind MSDN Forums. isn't it really kool!!! On-and-Off I was also contributing in this forum.
I met Sam, he is one of the Dev Lead of MSDN Forums and he told me the improvements his team made to these forums. Just now I visited these forums and UI looks great. As expected Microsoft kills everybody with looks:)

Standing from Left to Right: Sam, Vijaya Kadiyala

After long hour discussions with Sam, its time to take rest. So i slowly moved to my hotel room. I was about to sleep, got a call from Mahesh Chand from
He called me for a dinner with MVPs who are from I had very good time with all of them.

Starting form Left to Right Front Row: Vijaya Kadiyala, Mahesh Chand
Starting form Left to Right Back Row: Mike Gold, Mathew Cochran

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